Thursday, July 19, 2012

National Geographic

I recently stumbled across an amazing tumblr of National Geographic scans from the late 50's to the early 70's. The beautiful grainy pictures with their warm light and saturated colours seem to represent a life so pure and unaffected. First published in 1888, National Geographic was a window to the world in a time when travel was only possible for those who could afford it and many cultures still remained mysterious and exciting discoveries.
Kraho boy of Brasil with armadillos, March, 1959
Brilliant chandeliers light an underground palace in Moscow’s subway, December, 1959
Goats in the Olympic Highlands, America, February 1974
Nakoda rider at Cascade Mountain, Wisconsin, 1960
Prince of Bhutan and his bride, 1952
Oranges traveling by horse cart from a cooperative orchard to El Asnam, Algeria. August, 1973

Friday, July 13, 2012

The mystic power of lipsticks

Nothing says "functional adult female" like a swipe of lipstick - be it red, mulberry, fuchsia or tangerine. I used to think watch my mama apply her lipstick at the vanity mirror and hoped to quickly grow up to be a woman. 
Lipstick helps you get away with a lazy face of make up if you've slept in and all you have time for is the base and lips. It's also the best way to look sassy and cute for a night out - and you can leave it on someone's cheek. And I swear, lipstick just makes you look marginally more expensive.
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mixtape: Period playlist

Adam: I understand what's going on. You're all on the same cycle. This is very exciting. Your uterine walls will be shedding for the next three to five days. 
Shira: Nice memorization. Did you Google that? 
Adam: I may have. Because you're all women. And I think that's a beautiful thing. Oh... (takes out a CD and gives to Emma) I also made you this. To help soothe your womb.
When TOM comes over, all I want to do is crawl into bed, and eat cookies and cheesecake like a baby dinosaur, and spend the next three to four days in a foetal position. But why not a different approach besides Panadol Osteo and hot water bottles? 
In No Strings Attached, Ashton Kutcher's endearing character Adam, makes miserable and menstruating Emma and her flatmates a period mix with homemade soup and cupcakes. What a creepy cute idea! 
But nobody's made me a period mix to make me feel better, so hey, I made my own! Let the music heal the pain, with Ryan Gosling's voice crooning in the first track! (And I can't decide whether to laugh or cry to Leona Lewis' "I keep bleeding, I keep keep bleeding love...")

001 MY BODY'S A ZOMBIE FOR YOU :: Dead Man's Bones
002 BLEED IT OUT :: Linkin park
004 RIVER FLOWS IN YOU :: Yiruma
005 HUG :: TVXQ
006 DROPLETS :: Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves
007 EMOTION :: Destiny's Child
008 SO SICK :: Neyo
009 I'VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING :: Michael Buble
010 JUST A GIRL :: No Doubt
011 BLEEDING LOVE :: Leona Lewis
013 THE TIDE IS HIGH :: Blondie
014 MISERY :: Maroon 5
015 RED RED ROSE :: The Weepies
017 RED RED WINE :: Bob Marley
019 SLEEP ALL DAY :: Jason Mraz
020 BLOOD :: My Chemical Romance
021 HURT SO BAD :: Alicia Keyes
022 SAME BLOOD :: The Academy is...
024 BLOOD BANK :: Bon Iver

I am 23, going on 13

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