Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Four words. Hugh Grant in glasses.

Have you seen Four weddings and a Funeral? Four words. Hugh Grant in glasses. Girls usually grow up and leave behind their little girl celebrity crushes, but I had never quite left Hugh behind. I could never get over the droopy blue eyes, clipped English accent, crinkly crows feet, topped with floppy brown hair, no. And he's the only person I know of, who is still irresistible with a slight underbite! (Underbites are so unattractive, sorry!)
And yet you won't believe this! A couple of weekends ago, I met a young man who resembled Hugh Grant, circa 1994! He wore a pair of round horn-rimmed glasses, and he even had those kind droopy eyes! And I saw him twice after that! Who are you, young man? And yet I hate my heart for skipping a beat, because he did look pretty young. Oh, like, 17, 18 young. And I am quite old, like, old-er. So, yeah.

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Anonymous said...

if his legal! get his number!!!!!!!!

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