Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fashionable Fingers

The trend is more is more when it comes to jewellery. Think Abbey Lee Kershaw or Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (rarely seen without adorned digits). I love how piling on rings can complete the outfit, or even completely change its mood! The key is to layer up, don't over-clutter. May I suggest, if you wear more than three per hand, you place at least two next to each other (does that make sense?). Like one on the pointer and one on index. And mix price points. After all, Samantha Wills can look terrific next to Sportsgirl
You can also tie in the thematic 2010 fashion trends; the Tribal Trend, the Future Warrior Trend (cool armour-inspired rings), the Neo-Grunge Trend (punky skulls and knuckle dusters). But rather than being overly blingy, I plan to layer my hand in stones, like turquoise, amber, aquamarine, garnet, and onyx.
Be inspired people!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: Freeway Sunglasses

We've all heard that you can tell a lot about a person by their hobbies, but when it comes to me, you're better off examining the things I get excited about. Think of it as insight via ever-changing obsessions. The things I love directly reflect the state of mind. So what am I currently mooning over and what do those fixations mean? Regarding the latter, you'll just have to wonder...
Freeway Sunglasses
There's never a shortage of new brands in the ultra-competitive eyewear market (every fashion-related market is so scarily competitive), but only one label has got my attention; Freeway. They're so cool, so deeply cool and understated. I hear they are affordable too ($100s). I've been recently checking out their blog, and seeing the who's who is spotted wearing them.
O.P.I Shrek Collection
A collection based on my favourite green ogre is so up my valley. It's guaranteed to have some funky shades. Please, please, please let Fiercely Fiona be a soft yellow that is pigmented and applies well!
From left top: Rumples Wiggin, Who the Shrek are you?, Ogre the top, Funky Donkey, Fiercely Fiona, What's with the cattitude?

Kate Sylvester Spring 2010/2011

Masculine Femininity
In all honesty, I don't know much about New Zealand fashion. But when I saw Kate Sylvester's Spring/Summer collection at RAFW (Australian Fashion Week), it was the beginning of my crush for Kiwi fashion. The masculine elements were subtle, creating a perfect female dandy look - man-style sock garters, fob chains, and oversized Regency neck bows. Contrasting to the little masculine details were the perfectly feminine outfits that reminds me of a country girl.
Not everyone will prefer Kate Sylvester's historical twists and feminine/masculine inspirations to the overt glamour of other designers. But for me, she was one of my favourites. This is more me.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Styling Critique

A while ago, I came across this particular fashion photograph and it appealed to me straight away. I didn't exactly know why I liked it so much. Maybe subconsciously, I want a musician arm-candy? (A trend amongst Hollywood starlets, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, Kate Moss, Kirsten Dunst, and Agyness Deyn.) So I decided to address what it is about this that makes it so charming, through of course my favourite exercise, critiquing!
RUSSH Magazine January 2010, Fashion Photography
This fashion photograph resembles a paparazzi shot of a celebrity couple. It isn't a commercial look.
Posing is both very natural and well-styled. Even without props, this shot tells a narrative.
The female model is the focal point. Your eyes lay on her first because she is visually the star against the dark backdrop/scene. Blonde hair, fair skin, pale eyes, vibrant top, and glittering skirt. It is all well thought out. Kudos to the stylist and photographer.
The male model on the other hand is dressed in trendy street wear that speaks "rockstar-off-duty", with clever effortless layering.
What also makes this successful, is that the two looks complement each other. No one look seems to overpower the other.
Thinking like a stylist, I know even the colours in this photograph were given great thought and planning. This is a split-completmentary colour scheme, with a striking contrasting orange velvet tank top and subdued blue and a desaturated green (khaki). And overall it has a very warm tone.
Honestly, you would not particularly call this a 'pretty' picture, but because of all the reasons I stated, it works!

Bicycle Chic

The Dutch bicycles have been touted the 'must-have' fashion accessory of 2010. Having failed my driving test yet again, this expensive accessory is looking more and more appealing to me right now. And I'm not the only one with bikes on my brain, celebrities are ditching their limos for bicycles too!
When dressing oneself for a bike outing, you will inevitably encounter certain restrictions, but (as the slew of ladies pictured above prove) biking can be done sans spandex. I think heels are a cycling faux pas, so show off a great pair of flat shoes instead. You can flirt with your tomboy side. Of course, the biggest dress-code dilemma is figuring out what to do with your purse while pedaling along. I think you should keep your hands free and your handlebars unencumbered by toting an across-body bag à la Agyness Deyn.
Happy Biking!

Styles Inspring Me Now

Today was one of those days when you feel like sleeping in, and stay in you pyjamas all day until you really really really have to get out of them. The day when the temperature isn't cooperating and you feel like hibernating. And the best idea seems like eating chocolate, and catching up on Ugly Betty (procrastinating, when I should be doing my assignment).
Yes, I am having one of those days, so I thought I would share with you a few things from my "Inspirations" folder. You probably might've seen them around the web, but these mostly street styles, are what is influencing my wardrobe choices at the moment.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If you can't say something nice, still say it.

Apart from Facebook, playing the guitar, reading, online shopping and blogging, another way I procrastinate is by holding a pen whilst flipping through a magazine in bed and making little post-it notes on the pages. It's an exercise I have been told by a well-established fashion stylist, Katharine Morris, as a way of practising the skill of styling and enhancing. Through critique. I also find this helps me communicate better about what I like, what I don't, and why. I try to consider every element a stylist must consider in critiquing at all times. For example, styling techniques, hair and make-up, location, garment choices, model pose, camera shot etc.
Often people feel more comfortable in explaining what they do like about something, rather than what they don't. Perhaps it's social etiquette that stops us from practising the skills in verbalising negative comments. I have always thought "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." In any case, when it comes to fashion and styling, if you can't say something nice, still say it.
Let me show you a poor example of styling, and a great example of styling of the 'glam-rock' trend, to show you how I usually do this. I try not to just rely on my feelings, but look to the finer details in deciding whether I believe it was well styled or not. Choosing an example that is not obviously terrible is of course more difficult and thus fantastic practise!
Chica Booti Advertisement Campaign, January 2010
I'm personally passionate about the "glam-rock", "luxe-goth" look, but this is just poorly styled!
It looks dated considering it is a 2010 ad.
I cannot see what the model is wearing! What is the outfit? Textures? Fabrics? Details? What top is she wearing? When it comes to an all-black ensemble, we still have to be able to see the texture visually. 
It would've been better if we could see the whole outfit (the shiny leggings, the shoes?), because what she has on doesn't do enough for me.
The necklace and hoop earrings are inappropriate. It is my opinion but, I'd do one or the other. Never both, if big or flashy. But who wears big round gold hoop earrings these days anyway?
Hair and make-up does not suit the overall look and atmosphere. Makes me assume they didn't hire a make-up artist nor hair stylist. Even if that is the case, it shouldn't look like it. There is no focal point in the face (dark eye make-up or 'statement' lips). If make-up is to be kept natural or neutral, the hair could be styled into messy locks/'bed hair'/'sex hair'. See Alexander Wang ready-to-wear FW08.
The model's pose is awkward. She could show a little glimpse of attitude or character.
A change of shoot location could raise the value of the overall look. Even just a background scene change.

Kenji Advertisement, MYER Catalogue, February 2010
J'adore this take of 'glam-rock' styled with leather, luxe details, sequins, etc.
Looks like a shot of fashion forward girls on a night-out. The models posing comes across as cool, rebellious, indifferent, yet chic. This "sells" because we want to be like these girls, and/or live their lifestyle.
Hair and make-up is edgy, sexy and modern, going very well with the overall vibe. I heart the pop of bright fuchsia and red lip against the colour palette of achromatic black and white (which is visually very appealing).
Fabulous mix of 'tough' and feminine pieces. I would add a few more unique 'tough' accents, i.e. stacking more bangles/cuffs on the visible arm of the model on the left.
The model on the far right is well styled with a mix and match of patterns. It works.
It excites me that I can look at this and spot so many trends including, body-con, the top knot (bun that sits high on the head), leather, pattern on pattern, sexy 'bed-hair' and 80's influences.

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