Friday, September 24, 2010

Male Muse: Dorian Gray

Part of my fascination with Vampirism is the benefit of never growing old. Of course, this is a curse, as well. Take the story of Dorian Gray, for example. The picture of Dorian Gray” is the only published novel by Oscar Wilde. After reading the novel, I was worried Ben Barnes would not be beautiful enough as Dorian (no offence, fans of Ben Barnes). Oh, how wrong I was. I was infatuated over his beauty, charm, and his striking wardrobe. This is why I heart period films. It's all about the costumes. Readers that know me, would also know I get captivated over handsome male period costumes just as much as female's, because with menswear, it's all about the details and the cut.

His face unforgettable. His desires unthinkable. His curse unimaginable. Forever young. Forever perfect. Forever cursed. Dorian Gray.

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chicchick said...

I loved this movie too! The costumes!!!!

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