Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Four words. Hugh Grant in glasses.

Have you seen Four weddings and a Funeral? Four words. Hugh Grant in glasses. Girls usually grow up and leave behind their little girl celebrity crushes, but I had never quite left Hugh behind. I could never get over the droopy blue eyes, clipped English accent, crinkly crows feet, topped with floppy brown hair, no. And he's the only person I know of, who is still irresistible with a slight underbite! (Underbites are so unattractive, sorry!)
And yet you won't believe this! A couple of weekends ago, I met a young man who resembled Hugh Grant, circa 1994! He wore a pair of round horn-rimmed glasses, and he even had those kind droopy eyes! And I saw him twice after that! Who are you, young man? And yet I hate my heart for skipping a beat, because he did look pretty young. Oh, like, 17, 18 young. And I am quite old, like, old-er. So, yeah.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Male Muse: Sang-woo Do

I have a track record of falling for model slash musicians. It's because I have a weak spot for long limbs and muso's. Combine that with a serious sense of vintage 'off-duty' style, and I get the occasional knock-knees. Meet my muse of late - model, actor, muso, with perfect eyebrows, Sang-woo. (I tell you! If you squint, he almost looks like Franciscow Lachowski!)
Sang-woo turns 24 today. Merry Christmas and a Happy birthday to you!
Sources: inapad, google image search, hamiltonhotel.tumblr

Monday, December 19, 2011

Looking back: Top fashion moments in 2011

1. John Galliano's downfall.

2. Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen wedding dress. Remember all the speculations? It was really the most well-kept secret in an age of superfluous information.

3. Alexander McQueen's "Savage Beauty". It was the Metropolitan Museum of Art's most successful fashion exhibit in history.

4. The Carine Roitfeld scandal. Did she get fired? Did she quit? Why?

5. Missoni for Target. And Target's website crashing at the very release of the range.

6. Bill Cunningham New York. The documentary about the street style photographer way before The Sartorialist.

7. Kate Moss's wedding.

8. Marc Jacob's stolen spring 2012 collection en route from Paris.

9. Death of Elizabeth Taylor.

10. Versace for H&M.

11. Christian Dior's sloppy haute couture messGranted, I’m observing, much like you, from my laptop thousands of miles away and thus the intricacies of the gowns are lost on me. Still, with haute couture, particularly with Dior Haute Couture,  there should be a brilliance that shines through in spite of the viewer’s distance or technical knowledge!

12. Emma Watson, style icon. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm single and rather read a book than mingle.

Whether you are the smartest, prettiest, wittiest girl out there... we all fall short sometimes. And we all trick ourselves into thinking guys are interested in us when they plainly aren't. Why does this happen? It's weird! I'm just writing from a place that I know of - myself. Today it hit me. I constantly talk about how fine I am to be single, how I'm not one of those girls who reads too deeply into things and gets ahead of myself--but, I really am. Gosh, I'm a self-centred, hypocritical poohead. I know we've heard it thousands of times before: If a guy likes you, you'll know it. Because he'll make it happen. Didn't I learn anything from He's just not that into you? (Thanks Marika for the book! I read it all in one night!) It's frustrating! It sucks even more when you wake up and smell the roses, then realise "What the heck? I'm not special to him at all!"
So ladies, let's stop falling into the trap of convincing ourselves someone thinks we are special. Because, we already are special! And wonderful, and funny, and unique. And if he doesn't think so, then he's probably (actually, definitely!) not worth your time. I think we need to love ourselves enough to know what we are really worth and just enjoy single-ness, and life RIGHT NOW. And, so what if I am a crazy cat lady! Cats have four legs, a cute face, and a body, which makes them easy to pet and love them for their 12 year life spans. The opposite of a cat is a dog, which also has four legs, a face and body, but lacks the ability to be cat-like.

Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Things that keep me up at night

1. Caffeine headache.  
2. Silence.
3. Reading. Getting very emotionally involved with books.
4. Fictional people's problems.
5. English toffee ice-cream calling my name from the kitchen.
6. Regret.
7. Re-committing to the 'tomorrow diet'. Because tomorrow is always a new day, hey!
8. Pistachio nuts. Salted and roasted.
9. Reflecting.
10. Too cold.
11. Too hot.
12. Where's Bearemy? 
13. The future.
14. Anxiety.
15. Praying.
16. Playing with the cats.
17. Anticipation.
18. Planning
19. Bowel movement.
20. Tomorrow's weather.
21. Tomorrow's outfit.
22. Tomorrow's lunch.
23. Excitement.
24. Imagining
25. List making. Just can't stop making mental lists. It’s like an OCD. Like washing hands constantly. Or eating pistachio nuts. I really cant stop eating pistachio nuts right now. Mmmm...

Friday, December 2, 2011


Dear celebrity crush,
Please get on Facebook more often. It's hard to stalk someone who doesn't regularly update...

Dear leg hair and arm pit hair,
Please grow as slowly as my head hair. I'm pretty sure I waxed/shave less than a week ago.

Dear person comparing period cramps with diarrhoea cramps,
You're saying it can't be that bad? No uterus? No opinion!!!

Dear People magazine,
You obviously got it all wrong! 2011 was clearly the year of Ryan Gosling! Bradley Cooper is so 2010 and a bore.

Dear Ryan Gosling, 
I can only assume you turned down People's "Sexiest man alive" title and let Bradley Cooper have the honour. That was so noble of you. I know you have better things to do. You have feminist wisdom to spout, an awesome dog to walk, epic movies to make, art fights to stop, tumblrs and blogs to inspire. Props to you Ryan!

Dear boy that I tutor,
Please don't come into my personal space, the invisible bubble that is psychologically mine.

Dear friends who’ve borrowed books from me and haven’t yet returned them,
Just a friendly reminder to return them when you’ve read them. I’m waiting on these: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets, Empire of the Sun,  Pride and Prejudice, Marley and meCat and mouse, The Shack, and Perfume: Story of a murderer. Merci!

Dear Lulu,
Thank you for getting fur all over my clothes. Because people need to know I belong to you. Thank you for lying on my covers when I have to make the bed. Because I probs don’t need to anyway. Thank you for watching Ryan-a-thon with me. You’re right. He is quite something, isn’t he? I just wish you were able to open the door for me when I sneak in at 3am in the morning.

I am 23, going on 13

This has almost nothing to do with the Sound of Music. Let me just say that apparently I’m 30 going on 13. I don’t know what happened bu...