Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Valentino Menswear campaign '12

I've never really been in love with Valentino's menswear collections, but this campaign is really nice, in fact, it's rather beautiful. So simple and so much space and visibility given to the detail and shape of the garments, and hence how it opts for black and white. I also really love how the model gives off a clean, tamed and polished Steve McQueen vibe. This works because it's not trying painfully hard to be anything contrived or edgy or theatrical. Instead, it's simple and assured.

source: fashion gone rogue

Friday, August 3, 2012

Male Muse: for the next three months

Since July, I've been desperately seeking a new male muse - a man with a unique style to emulate and be inspired by, for the We rob banks SS13 ranges. I can't wait to play around and design with witty colours and prints, like polka dots, for menswear, thanks to my muse.

Et voila! Il est a là Surry Hills boy with a carefree but chic approach to dressing. An individual who is looking for something different and new, with interesting details. Yet still, he believes the ultimate sartorial solution is a button-up shirt and to master "the art of the pants roll". He likes to stand out to a certain extent without looking like victim.

He is somewhat inspired by a Spanish surreal artist, and lesser-known style icon with the wacky mustache, Salvador Dali, who was a dandy through and through. Hence, his wardrobe is part indie hipster, part sharp dandy, and all effortless, starting out with thrift store finds, then developing a taste for impressive vintage-inspired designs when his career as an artist/illustrator took off.

His bicycle is his daily commute. Oscar Wilde, and Bruce Wayne are his heroes. His favourite pastime is rocking the guitar, photography, drinking black coffee, and sniffing old books. He is a romantic at heart, has Peter Pan complex, and delights in eclectic prints in menswear, and old-school checks and plaids.

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