Sunday, July 24, 2011

Obsession Du Jour: Platinum Blondes

I have been, for a long time now (months!) been obsessed with icy blondes. I think, contrary to popular belief (of my adament friends)  you can avoid looking cheap or 'playmate' territory by keeping style and silhouette chic and neutral, with restrained accessories. Channel such sophisticated women like Tilda Swinton, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Kate Moss, Daul Kim, Soyoung Kang, Jean Harlow, Vlada Roslyakova, and Dewi Driegan.
Sources: google image search, the fashion spot, fashionising

Monday, July 18, 2011


Dear readers,
Sorry for the intermittent blogging lately everyone. It may technically be uni holidays but I have been crazy busy, because I know when semester begins, officially tomorrow, I won't be able to do the things I've been doing now. I'm so bummed.

Dear all people I said I'd have coffee with yet still haven't,
Please wait, you're turn will come around! Soon. I promise.

Dear Severus Snape,
Oh, Snape! Hear that "crack"? It's the sound of my heart breaking every time I think of you. The saddest love story of the decade.
Dear Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2,
"It all ends."??? I will now have to fill that void with Harry Potter merchandise and creepy fan fics. Just kidding.
Maybe, if it has a lot of Draco making out.
Just kidding.

Dear anti Harry Potter fans,

Dear Matt Damon-look-a-like pal,
My dream isn't finding the perfect guy, I'm not that naive. It's being able to eat without getting fat.

Dear Micky Yoochun,
I've just started watching your series "Miss Ripley". I'm sorry but, whenever you appear on screen, I never know what you're saying. You're making it so difficult! Grrr! I'm too busy staring at your neck. I'm sorry you have a really nice neck! I swear I couldn't hear my brother yelling at me beause I was too captivated by your sexy adam's apple.

Dear self,
Are you walking the walk by faith?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mixtape: Rainy Day Compilations

The weather has been wet and drizzly all day today and I'm feeling a little sick, and all I've wanted to do was curl up in bed, swaddled in clean sheets and a warm blanket, sipping chamomile tea, all the while my 'rainy day compilation' playing on iTunes:

001 SLEEPWALK :: Santo & Johnny
002 TEARDROP :: Massive Attack
003 QUIET :: This will destroy you
005 BE BE YOUR LOVE :: Rachel Yamagata
006 SPARKS :: Coldplay
007 SEPTEMBERISE :: Yiruma
008 WINTER SONG :: Sara Bareilles
009 TIME :: Hans Zimmer
010 TO BUILD A HOME :: The Cinematic Orchestra
011 NO SURPRISES (Radiohead cover) :: Regina Spektor
012 TRANSATLANTICISM :: Death Cab for Cutie
013 THE WOLVES (Act I Aand II) :: Bon Iver
014 THE SEA :: Corinne Bailey Rae
015 MOVIE NEVER MADE :: A Silver Mt Zion
016 GLYNIS :: Smashing Pumpkins
017 WHAT IF YOU :: Joshua Radin
019 FALLING SLOWLY :: Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
020 MY FOOLISH HEART :: Bill Evans Trio
022 BREATHE ME :: Sia
024 ONLY HOPE :: Switchfoot

Feel free to suggest/recommend any tunes that perfectly accompany the sound of rain. In reality, I spent the whole day cleaning my room due to many biting complaints. Little do they understand that I'm not messy, I'm creative!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Life imitates Art

Life imitates art, or in this case Disney cartoon. They described the recent Royal nuptials as a ‘fairytale wedding’, and it turns out the Royal wedding was actually a remake of a Disney cartoon. The similarities between the origianl and the real-life sequel are remarkable – although the additional casting of the Pippa character was a stroke of genius. Sometimes life is funny.

Monthly Recap June'11

Laudry list of things memorable about the month:
Unrealistic deadlines.
Pulling of consecutive all-nighter.
Paying off sleep-debt.
Mummy's birthday. Yum cha lunch!
Farewells to 2 friends.
Long, deep and meaningful conversations in the car, all through the night 'til early morning.
A visit to the dentist. A first in 3 years!
A week without Facebook.
Grinding my own coffee beans at home.
Catch ups with beautiful and uplifting individuals.
Listening to 90's songs, feeling nostalgic for the teenybopper days, and falling all over in love with old school Six pence non the richer, Backstreet Boys, Mandy Moore, J.Lo, Jordan Knight, Red hot chilli peppers, Take that, got me in a phenomenal mood, and before I knew it, I was dancing in front of the fridge at 3am! 
The sucky-ness of not being able to take advantage of the end-of-financial-year sales.
Almost dying in a car crash.
United Conference.

Currently obsessed with:
Downton Abbey.
Ash blonde hair and deep berry lips.
Colour-blocking my outfits.
Movie soundtracks.

Music stuck on repeat:
M79 - Vampire Weekend
To build a home - The Cinematic Orchestra
Between the lines - Sara Bareilles
Put your records on - Corinne Bailey Rae
For Good (Wicked) - Glee cast
Waiting here for you - Christy Nockels

Books read(ing):
Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen of France - Evelyn Lever
Mere Christianity - C.S. Lewis
The Book of Psalms

3 things I am thankful for this month:
True love that I cannot be separated with.
Fellowship and community. (Is that 2 things? I cheated.)

I am 23, going on 13

This has almost nothing to do with the Sound of Music. Let me just say that apparently I’m 30 going on 13. I don’t know what happened bu...