Monday, March 22, 2010

Make Fashion Your Own

I think we are very lucky to be apart of an industry that is so widely loved and discussed on the internet. I am using this available information to my advantage by developing early in my career the habit of constantly using the internet as a source of inspiration. The internet is also a wonderful place to meet like-minded people if you choose to write your opinions in a forum.
Studying fashion, I was constantly, continually, always told the importance of keeping track of fashion trends, however I was also told wisely, there is one big BUT which is… take these trends with a grain of salt. That’s right, don’t take them too seriously! 
Being a stylist means you being a style maker. People will not love you and your work if you don’t have your own opinions, and that might mean for you to not follow each and every trend that emerges on the runway. Make fashion your own.

The surprising thing in saying this is that I will most likely find myself actually liking the trends that develop each season. For some reason it’s just the way things go. But for those trends that don’t take your fancy, don’t slavishly follow them because you think it’s the right thing to do. It’s not. What your personal sense of style dictates is the only trend you should ever follow. 
I was looking on the internet yesterday (a constant source of inspiration!) and came across this HSBC advertisement that I thought made a fantastic point in regards to treating trends as the gospel. Take a look-
Do you see...?
Not everyone is the same, we are all individuals. People see beauty, fun, happiness or hell in totally different things. Fashion included. Remember, in life and in trends: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
How sad would it be if we all mindlessly followed trends without actually thinking about what suits us personally? As a stylist I encourage you to take a look at what fashion has to offer you each season and make your own recipe. Remember that not everything applies to everyone, and that virtually every trend has its anti-trend!


suzani said...

thank you Naomi. I agree with your posting.
would you say people can show their personality by fashion, as how they dress can show their characteristics?
i personally think that fashion can identify the individual but please correct me :)

Call Me Naomi said...

Very true! I believe what a person is wearing can tell alot about him/her. Like an extroverted outgoing person would be happy wearing a very vibrant attention grabbing outfit. (a very bad example, but you get my point)
I on the other hand, have noticed myself not wearing my personality all the time, but one of my alter egos (the person I want to be that particular day).

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