Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not caring about what people think of you

Not caring what people think is the hokey pokey to getting through each and every day. I think not caring about what people think comes after liking yourself. I'm not exactly sure but I think learning to do either will help with the other. I don’t feel like the most qualified person to talk about this, but I don’t know what it would take to be the most qualified. 

I really respect people who wear what they want because, in order for this to work, you have to be courageous. Or at least, at first, appear to be. (I have to, like, brainwash myself a little bit sometimes.) You have to challenge anyone who gives you a funny look with a look of your own. Or don’t acknowledge them at all, and they’ll stand there a little dumbfounded. Maybe eventually they will grow up and realize how stupid it is to care about how other people look, and expect people to care that they care. If someone comments on your horn-rimmed glasses, or cheek piercings, you don’t have to take it personally. If they glare at your polka-dot bell-bottoms, who cares. They're the ones who didn't recognise a Lanvin vintage. Do you know what I'm saying? It's also ignorance.

I think most people are afraid of taking risks in dressing and styling because they’re afraid people will be like, “OH, SO YOU’RE ALL ARTSY NOW?” Nobody will say this if you act like it’s no big deal. What such people don’t get is that most people who wear outfits that stand out, or is different to what everyone else is wearing, or wear vintage clothes don’t think of themselves as artsy, they’re just exploring and trying to define their taste instead of being someone who likes whatever is handed to them for fear of being mistaken for pretentious. 

People are afraid of trying to be creative because they’re afraid that they won’t succeed, but who said your “success” in getting dressed has to be evaluated by other people? As long as you’re into what you’re wearing and it makes you more comfortable with yourself, it doesn’t matter if someone else thinks you’ve put together a perfectly composed outfit or not. Actually, the effect of your confidence will only add to how stylish your outfit seems. It’s like the best catch-22 ever!

It's no wonder I'm so attracted to people who dress 'different' or even, outrageously, and doesn't care if he's got a red bowl-cut or a grey mohawk! And shallow, narrow-minded people who judge others and put them in boxes based on how they look really push my buttons.

Anyways. It will always be harder to get to be someone who doesn’t care about what people think, but that’s why you’re a tiny little awesome warrior for even trying. And isn’t that kind of exciting? Go forth, tiny warrior, and conquer!

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