Monday, October 31, 2011


Dear high school girls who yelled "hipster" at me,
I may study design, buy imported fashion magazines, wear lipstick, get drugged on coffee and possess apple products, but I don't really identify with the hipster lifestyle, alright? The term is so broad I just happened to make the cut!

Dear Ryan Gosling,
How did you suddenly gain man-god status? You're everywhere now (in the virtual world). You've become Ryan-omnipresent-Gosling. Anywho, so I watched Drive today. I loved the movie, though I was initially horrified at the violence. You just didn't seem to be the type of guy to violently lash out and stamp on people's heads. And that bathroom scene where you're face is covered in blood, and you just stood there, in character, slowly backing out? I just died.
Dear all bloggers blogging about bumping into Ryan Gosling in the street, riding the subway with Ryan Gosling,  petting Ryan Gosling's dog, shaking Ryan Gosling's hand,  
I am extremely envious! (I don't even think the word 'envious' is strong enough!) When I read about your stories, I vicariously imagine myself as you, and squeal and squirm, and squeal and squirm again. Squirming to get outta here and move to NEW YORK CITY, BABY!

Dear Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire,
How do I meet/bump into you? Where do you hang out when not on set?

Dear Steve Jobs,
Nobody mourns you loss more than coffee lovers. Without MacBooks, cafes would be empty and have to close down! There wouldn't be a cafe every 100m full of thick-framed, tattoo-ed, skinny jean wearing 20's-30's lounging for hours, toting their Apple products. More cafes to choose from! The coffee world salutes you!

Dear future husband,
I was wondering if you'd leave the naming of our kids up to moi? Merci.

Dear God,
I need you, I need you more. More today.

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cc101 said...

I know where they are having their film set at. lol

I think I will bump into them in a few weeks time?

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