Saturday, November 10, 2012

Confessions: The Turning Twenty-four Edition

1. It's the job of every twenty-somethings to feel old.
2. I'd still rather eat anything saturated with sugar for breakfast.
3. I'd trade partying with a cup of tea and a book. (Just typing that sentence made me feel so old, I swear my fingers started to feel arthritic around the words "cup of tea".)
4. I still get pimples.
5. Sometimes my body aches. Like for no apparent reason.
6. I am still looking for friends.
7. I understand more jokes. Like when I watched The Lion King recently, I got all the jokes, and the deep stuff, that I never remembered seeing.
8. I still cry. Way more.
9. People appreciate the things that make me different.
10. I realise it's all about who you know not what you know.
11. I lick my fingers to turn the pages of a book. I used to think it was gross. Now it comes naturally.
12. It's now illegal for me to drive without contacts or glasses.
13. I wake up looking like my driver's license photo. Eww.
14. I'm still completely delighted by Starbucks Christmas cups every year.
15. I have daily moments of nostalgia. Almost anything can trigger it. And it kills me.
16. I'm sad I have not taken enough risks with my youth.
17. That taut young body I once took for granted in high school is disintegrating before my eyes.
18. I've learnt that the definition of bravery is having diarrhoea and chancing a fart
19. I complain about "kids these days blah.. tween these days blah blah" (By all account, I'm not that old, but that doesn't stop me from complaining about teenagers.)
20. I've perfected the Irish goodbye. It's a move you pull when you're at a gathering/party/bar/event/etc and because you're a tired (physically & psychologically) old soul, you slink away into the corner, then RUN out the door when nobody's looking. 

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sameum said...

oh i laughed so hard at 18!
mostly because i share your sentiments!

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