Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Text Messages from 2012 I will never delete

During pre-smart-phones era, I had a Nokia that saved all data in a sim card, but could only hold a limited amount. This meant, once in a while I had to aggressively discard data to receive new ones. And of course, there were always some texts that I refuse to erase! If today, say I had to go through that agonising process (an opportunity to reflect on the past year), these are some of the texts I would save because of personal reasons:

  • It's freakin scary walking back at this time. in this area. Wish I had a get-out-of-rape-free card.

  • I realized today that my "fat jeans" have become just jeans.

  • I wouldnt want you to change from the very core of your being no? And 'just the way you are' not merely a song...

  • Our friendship would transcend time, space and fictional universe! Lol

  • Thats it. Get your infrared binoculars and coffee. We are pitching our tent outside Gosling's penthouse. Fanboying hard right now.

  • And you know what the best spell is? Obliviate. If something hurts us we can simply erase that painful memory from our minds

  • I need to watch a how to party video. Not even makeup. Just party.

  • Can we do thanksgiving next year???

  • Introverts unite!!!!!! .....Individually.

  • Tumblr is down. I repeat, tumblr is down!!!!

  • I shall live vicariously through your "pool" parties hahaha

  • Sorry I didnt call you back. I had diarrhea splashed on the tie you picked out for me. All good now

  • I sniffed my banana like a pervert before i took a bite

  • I will be on tv, I will be your worried friend who has to do an interview. I'll cry and be like her teddy bear is taking her away!

  • I know someone who has bipolar. You'll be fine. And never doubt your creativity! :)

  • Oh wow... very proud of you for confronting reality. Pat on the back! So proud!

  • word of advice, never be too nice to a guy, men are very simple creatures. u might break someone's heart one day. and u might get hurt too

  • WTH My mum told me she was scared those hawking mothers were going to introduce you to their sons! WHAT WERE YOU WEARING?

  • If you could harness all that vibrato in les mis, what could you do with it? could you power a city?

  • I don't even have a vagina but I'll gladly see anything with Ryan Gosling in it. He's that good.

1 comment:

sameum said...

hahahaha what funny friends you have!!
"Introverts unite!!!!!! .....Individually."
and smart too!!

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