Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things I need to stop doing in 2013

Instead of new year resolutions I don't keep, usually because I forget about it by February, I made a list of things I should STOP doing (for the new-improved-tight-arsed-me):

1. Buying bottled water. I've probably spend as much money on bottled water as my phone bill last year. It has got to stop.

2. Forgetting to use my loyalty cards. I always forget to hand over my loyalty cards to punch off my purchase, which can lead to a FREE!!! something. I'm not made of money, and can not just nonchalantly ignore these cards. I know I'll be the annoying butt-crack to the person behind waiting, but I won't care. In 2013, I will find the card! And save the money!

3. Ordering overpriced salads. I swear, I order a salad with like four ingredients, and I'm paying $19. This year I will make my own salads.

4. Forgetting to actually take the cash out of the ATM machine and walking away (my idiocy has caused me to do this countless times), for a passing druggie to pocket it for more drugs, and overdose and collapse in a gutter. For his sake! I will remember to take the money I withdraw!

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