Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week of Doom.

Deadlines are looming in like dark storm clouds swallowing up the clear blue sky. One brief consists of a look-book, bound by hand (hand-made, far out), that consists of sixty technical drawings, so-called flats, and thirty photoshop illustrations. Yes, SIXTY, and THIRTY. And that is just one brief out of countless that is due this coming week, Dooms Week I call it. I am multitasking, because I'm female, between adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, an essay on Sumptuary Laws on dressing in Medieval England, and flipping through fashion illustration books. I just want to be able to work like this illustration above. And not worry about the fact that sometimes, they can have one arm. No problemo. This is from Fashion Illustrations by Fashion Designers – amazing book showcasing the outlandish drawings of the big name designers trying to articulate their ideas for their lines.

Now in the name of procrastination, I am going to paint my nails and go shave my legs. 


Just kidding, I'm not shaving legs.

I am.

I'm not.


I have lost my sanity. It's 3am.

1 comment:

Stanley said...

....waxing provides a smoother result..

And good luck getting all that done in time!!

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