Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Super snazzy old European men

If there's one thing we need borrow from Europe, other than long lazy lunches, because 30 minutes for work lunch break is torture (resulting in indigestion and a burned oesophagus), is well-dressed dapper older men. These gentlemen really put us to shame. Is there anything more happy-sigh inducing than seeing a distinguished older gentleman with his salt and pepper hair, in a perfectly tailored suit, biking around in the afternoon to do some errands? Maybe when his purple socks match his paisley pocket square, and his tortoise-shell glasses perfectly frame his face. Everything about snazzily put-together old men is awesome, mostly because it still seems a bit whimsical to me. There is something so nostalgic about it, despite me never having lived in a time or geographic location where retired men dressing like that was the norm. It's as rare as seeing a unicorn, here in Australia! And if you ever catch them gathered together in a park on a sunny aprés midi, sipping wine and reading the papers, or playing chess, your heart will explode.

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