Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Boyfriend Coats

Yesterday after my first proper shopping experience in Seoul, it was confirmed once again my tendancy to seek for masculine-feminine clothing. Almost half of my wardrobe seem to be borrowed from the boys. I'm talking about oversized cardigans, lace up boots,oversized button ups, just to name a few. After hours of browsing through mostly "girly" clothes that were too sweet for my fashion taste, I bought yet another menswear-inspired item: the boyfriend coat, but wait, in a subdued canary yellow. There's something delightful about slipping into a semi-oversized outerwear that is also surprisingly practical, as it allows all sorts of layering. It's also thrillingly versatile because I could pull off two distinctive looks. Un, a unisex outfit with a masculine hat. Deux, the I-stole-my-boyfriend's-coat aesthetic, contrasting it with feminine pieces like a wool mini skirt and a blouse. (But what are the chances of my boyfriend having a yellow coat?) All in all, it'll be perfect for my January in New York. Exhibiting masculine touches (lapels, double-breasted shape, boxy, large pockets) - yet fit for the feminine frame, boyfriend coats are winter-wonderful!
I wish I could upload a photograph of my new coat, but I had left my adapter at home, back in Sydney. This is a very similar one in cut and style.


Anonymous said...

Half you're wardrobe is borrowed from boys? tsk tsk,, its never advisable to much of the same style apparently

maybe you should start getting some of that "too sweet" ones to balance it out?

Call Me Naomi said...

Thank you, you're not wrong at all! However my philosphy is your own syle should reflect the inner you, which will of course constantly change.
And by the way, the other half of my wardrobe lean towards "lady-like". I have made many posts on this style, with my musings on Carey Mulligan and Mad Men's Betty, to obsessions with designers Charles Anastase and Erin Fetherston.

I hope you'll continue to follow!

Anonymous said...

Deary me, that should have read "to have too much of the same style" but you seem to have understood it fine :)

I'm glad I stumbled here, and I'm looking forward to your future posts!

sam said...

She looks like this girl from Glee!
Right right?

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