Saturday, February 5, 2011

In Lieu of Valentine's Day

I've started seeing reminders for it since January, and have been ignoring it. (I am going to plan well in advance to do something that will not place me in the path of cooing couples.) But you know what? V-day wouldn't be too bad this year, even in lack of "a Valentine".

Because I'm in love with:
romance films that make me cry
the fluffy stray cat that rubbed against my leg this morning
heart-shaped leaves
James Franco's crowsfeet (127 Hours)
warm fluffy socks
Ryan Gosling - I might spend the night with him (by treating myself to an eye-candy marathon)
the one and only english used bookstore in Seoul
silky, smooth, coffee
bed with multiple pillows
cafes with free wifi
my bright orange lipstick
facebook notifications
the book of Psalms
that Proenza Schouler blazer
The Phantom of the Opera (saw it on last week, on it's 25th anniversary on New York's Broadway)
people who take me places (to eat and/or for fun)
the sound of rain and thunder
earl gray and blueberry macarons
and you, yes, you.
And to think that I kept telling everybody I don't have a Valentine -
I have plenty.
Because I have so many things to be in love with.
Happy Valentines Day

1 comment:

mTOO said...

Its ok Naomi, Mal will be your valentine :)

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