Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rest in peace Grandpa

Rest in peace Grandpa
I'm at peace knowing you are
Singing, praising and skipping along
Freely exploring the glorious wonders of Heaven
in His presence

Good bye to you Grandpa
You who created a beautiful family
With your quiet patience, wonderful humility,
Thank you Grandpa for passing on the most valuable thing to your offsprings
Your faith

Gone but not forgotten Grandpa
Seeing you die to your rights in your marriage
It has left an impression on me
Your fight and struggle with your sickness and pain
Your love and joy for your grandchildren

Remember me Grandpa
For I will meet you soon
Because time probably goes quickly there
Watch over me, cheer me on
I will be victorious too
R.I.P Grandpa Eum (1932-2011)
Naomi K. L.


Daniel said...

Did you write this? Its beautifully written

Call Me Naomi said...

I wrote it personally for grandpa. Thank you :)

sam said...

he is in a special place in my heart
Glory to God!

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