Friday, February 4, 2011

Obsession du Jour: 2011 Trends

Being in the know, in terms of trends, has kind of naturally developed into an obsession of mine. This means I study the collections, pour over editorials, and stalk style bloggers. These days and weeks, my mind had been on the 70's-inspried jeans- a major 2011 trend due to the re-revival of the 70's. That is, a high waisted silhuoette and a clean monochromatic rinse (no holes, no rips, no distressed wash or details, sil vous plait!) And I think I may have found the perfect pair yesterday, in the perfect shade of classic mid blue, by MiH. I also couldn't resist buying a sheer, cream with tiny, black, polka-dots, chiffon blouse, to tuck into my new high-waisted 70's jeans. You can count, sheer blouses still among 2011's fashion trends. A pair of nude cat-eye sunglasses from H&M has also, without further ado, been added to my wardrobe. (This trend that designers featured prominently in fall, has continued on the spring 2011 runways) Now call me mad, but naturally this 2011-crazed attitude has got me to crop my hair to a collar-bone length, shoulder-scraping cut. And finally, this post cannot end with my finishing the look with up-to-the-minute lip colour. I am going to be putting away my nice nudes (so sad to part with it) for a tangerine smile, this spring (autumn in Australia). Neon lips are the next big thing. Go see Jil Sander Spring 2011, Fendi, and Marc by Marc Jacobs, off you go, while I dream of pistachio and passionfruit macarons.

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