Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm single and rather read a book than mingle.

Whether you are the smartest, prettiest, wittiest girl out there... we all fall short sometimes. And we all trick ourselves into thinking guys are interested in us when they plainly aren't. Why does this happen? It's weird! I'm just writing from a place that I know of - myself. Today it hit me. I constantly talk about how fine I am to be single, how I'm not one of those girls who reads too deeply into things and gets ahead of myself--but, I really am. Gosh, I'm a self-centred, hypocritical poohead. I know we've heard it thousands of times before: If a guy likes you, you'll know it. Because he'll make it happen. Didn't I learn anything from He's just not that into you? (Thanks Marika for the book! I read it all in one night!) It's frustrating! It sucks even more when you wake up and smell the roses, then realise "What the heck? I'm not special to him at all!"
So ladies, let's stop falling into the trap of convincing ourselves someone thinks we are special. Because, we already are special! And wonderful, and funny, and unique. And if he doesn't think so, then he's probably (actually, definitely!) not worth your time. I think we need to love ourselves enough to know what we are really worth and just enjoy single-ness, and life RIGHT NOW. And, so what if I am a crazy cat lady! Cats have four legs, a cute face, and a body, which makes them easy to pet and love them for their 12 year life spans. The opposite of a cat is a dog, which also has four legs, a face and body, but lacks the ability to be cat-like.

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