Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Things that keep me up at night

1. Caffeine headache.  
2. Silence.
3. Reading. Getting very emotionally involved with books.
4. Fictional people's problems.
5. English toffee ice-cream calling my name from the kitchen.
6. Regret.
7. Re-committing to the 'tomorrow diet'. Because tomorrow is always a new day, hey!
8. Pistachio nuts. Salted and roasted.
9. Reflecting.
10. Too cold.
11. Too hot.
12. Where's Bearemy? 
13. The future.
14. Anxiety.
15. Praying.
16. Playing with the cats.
17. Anticipation.
18. Planning
19. Bowel movement.
20. Tomorrow's weather.
21. Tomorrow's outfit.
22. Tomorrow's lunch.
23. Excitement.
24. Imagining
25. List making. Just can't stop making mental lists. It’s like an OCD. Like washing hands constantly. Or eating pistachio nuts. I really cant stop eating pistachio nuts right now. Mmmm...

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