Sunday, October 24, 2010

Summer clearly invented Romance

"If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance."
Bern Williams
It's been raining bucket-loads since last night. And the air is chilly considering it is Spring. In two days, I get my life back, marking the beginning of my holidays. I'm yearning for summer sunshine.
But, Summer is on its way which means several things:
I will jump on beds every morning because I can. (Not, my bed, no. My brother's bed.)
I will be tan again.
I will be reading a LOT.
I will be practicing my guitar.
I will watch the rest of Mad Men season 3.
I will start a new TV series.
I will make banana milkshakes every other day.
I will lay out underneath the stars.
I will make pancakes at midnight.
I will go on long evening walks with mummy.
I will be writing love letters to all my friends.
I will clean out my 'floor-drobe', if I get around to it. (Will probably find my missing T-shirts and shirts)
I will catch up with those people I've neglected during my "all work and no play" period.
And if that doesn't work out (and the weather is wet), I will build little forts in my bedroom and travel to France.

1 comment:

sameum said...

all i can say is yay for playing guitar again!!

im starting to learn some new stuff too! like music theory and bar cords (which i still hate..)

and not to break your bubble or anything, but your summer is winter here...

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