Thursday, October 7, 2010


Dear sky-diving instructor,
My elation multiplied when I found out you were to be my instructor. You are too lion-hearted. I don't know what was more exciting; free falling off a plane at over 4000 feet, or having you jump off with me. Today my stalker tendencies kicked in and I googled you up. You're from California, and have been professionally sky-diving for 9 years? You were 2nd place at the Australian national championship. And you jumped off the Twin Falls bridge? A-ma-zing!

Dear gracious girl and gentleman who returned my lost wallet,
Thank you! I had $150 cash in there today.

Dear Halfy,
Keep doing what you do. Whether you know it or not, you affect those around you. You inspire me and encourage me and challenge me to prioritise relationships and friendships.

Dear extremely good-looking boy,
Why do you have to wear that cap? I don't think I admire guys in caps. There's a thousand other handsome options out there to complete an outfit: fedoras, bowlers, boaters, trilbies, toppers, etc. Lose the cap, please.

Dear Facebook,
Thanks a lot. I didn't do anything for the past 3 hours.

Dear future husband,
I had to renew my passport, so today I took my passport photo for the one thousandth time, and the one they accept is the one I look 50 years old with my eyes half-closed. I'm so mad. This passport expires in 10 years! I decided I am never going to show my passport to anybody. Never. Yes, not even you.

Dear world,
I am in you, but not part of you. Let's not get confused.

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