Sunday, December 5, 2010


Dear loyal readers,
I apologise for my lack of posts. I haven't had a chance at a couple of hours in front of the computer since November. Also, I have always been sorry, as a blogger, for lacking the skills of a photographer boyfriend, the many fashion bloggers have.

Dear Opendoor family members,
I miss you all. I hope the aussie summer is treating you well!

Dear snowy days,
Where are you? Last time you showed up unexpectedly, I wasn't ready, and so my outfit was soiled. But now I bought my snow gear (adorable mittens, soft rabbit-fur ear muffs) and I am right here waiting for you, to jump out and attack anyone in my sight with deadly snow balls.

Dear Chan-siblings
You two are a virtuous influence on me. Even though you're both younger than me, your wisdom and spirituality is beyond your years. You two have talents that will take you places and I can't wait to see the amazing man and woman you will become. I always have been, and will be proud of you. Keep being light in action, and an instrument of praise. Don't forget our pledge; to be there for each other's wedding no matter where in the world it is. (But give me at least 6 months notice.)

Dear Micky Yoochun,
It's been 6 years since you swept me off my feet and my love for you still remains unwaivered and has grown from an unhealthy teenage obsession to a genuine admiration. Only you make it possible to be 'adorkable' and sexy at the same time. And numerous times have I said this to my unfortunate friends, and it was confirmed once again in a recent YouTube video, but your legs are really, truly, underrated. Thank you for not changing all these years. Although your voice just gets sexier and sexier. Always keep the faith.

Dear good-looking boy,
Notice that I've taken out the word 'extremely'. It's the out of sight, out of mind thing. Nevertheless, you will still be my male sartorial muse for your effortless sense of style, and I have to admit, your model-esque-ness.

Dear God,
Thank you for creating me uniquely, like no other. I want to be a designer with a grander vision like the Ultimate Designer.

Dear self,
Just another reminder that you are Number 1 to Him, and helping people enter the Kingdom of God is a more compelling adventure.

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