Friday, December 24, 2010

My Christmas Eve Night

What do you do when you're alone on the night of Christmas Eve? Well I binged on cake (I now have indigestion) and am watching feel-good movies! And who doesn’t love a good Christmas film? The celebratory spirit, the themes of family, friendship and romance, the inevitable 'moral of the story'—all these contribute to the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with the season.

The Holiday
"If you were a melody... I used only the good notes."
Bridget Jones Diary
I love Hugh Grant, his accent and sexy crows feet, even though he plays the bad guy.
Love Actually
"I'll just be hanging around the mistletoe, hoping to be kissed."
The Family Stone
This romantic comedy is all somehow true to the message of Christmas. I think this is why I cry. Because when the final element is introduced – that mum is dying of cancer – and Everett and his mother end their bitter spat in tears over this, there is brokenness perfected by love. This is it – this the why of Christmas. We are a broken people, a broken world, with imperfection; there is no sense and no hope until love breaks into this brokenness, right into the thick of it and somehow, makes it beautiful.
While You Were Sleeping
A decently, traditional and predictable romantic comedy that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and at the end of it all, sigh a sigh of admiration.
The Santa Clause
"Seeing isn't believing. Believing is seeing."
Home Alone
Certainly, a Christmas classic.


m 'n' m said...

I love The holiday and Family stone! They have got to be my favourite movies.

Anonymous said...

You spent Christmas Eve alone??? You didn't have any company??? :(

5652 said...

I used to love "while you were sleeping". it was long forgotten until you brought it up in your blog!

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