Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Magic

Now that I've really been able to spend my time focusing on the holiday magic, (waiting for my white Christmas) rather than being too busy, I've had the time to spend much needed QT, making memories with family and relatives who I love, and some new friends, and I've realized my favorite things about the Christmas season are limitless. 

Festive gatherings, greeting cards, metallic tinsels, kris kringle, Christmas carols played universally, the spirit of joy and giving, the sound of Salvation Army bells ringing from every street corner and subway station. 

I love the falling snow flakes and contemplating on how each is unique and different, and all the twinkle Christmas lights. I love Michael Buble's Christmas album, the one by Glee cast, and decided that John Mayer really needs to make one too. 

But what will top the list this year as my favourite thing about the holiday season, is to tell people the true reason for the season. It's also the one time of the year that I get to wish the people on the phone, the bank teller and the bus driver a "(very) Merry Christmas," and I think that's what makes me most happy. 

By the way, I just came back from a Christmas party dressed, unintentionally and amusingly, better yet voguishly, as a Christmas tree - a lovely deep pine green poncho, woolen red scarf, and thick black tights. And I think I may have played the most intense game of Jenga in my life.

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