Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Broke and Decaffeinated

Money is playing a game of hide and seek with my account (I’m still hoping that’s the case). And I'm still struggling to master the concept of "budgeting". Luckily, it’s hard to not budget for a daily cup of coffee. Mummy says, “why don’t you make coffee at home?”. My answer is, “Home coffee tastes like poo poo”. And it’s true. After convincing my wallet to not jump out the second I walk past a cafe, I resorted to making coffee with the mukka express my brother bought. Fail. It tasted like poo mixed with sugar in muddy water. (I like comparing people and things with poo.) It saddens me to see how stingy I’ve become. There were days when I bought family and friends their compulsive morning drink. Back then, my wallet was bursting with loyalty cards. Now, my wallet is thin (and falling apart, hint hint). And my savings account balance... let's not go there.
Why am I sharing this piece of random thought? Because I am procrastinating, being the pro-procrastinator I am (productive procrastinator) when I have an awfully huge work load and an unrealistic deadline, this is what I do.


Jiyun said...

Hahaha, I'm on the same boat Kyumi. Always broke but needing my daily hit. And I have a report to write and lectures to listen to but I'd rather be reading your blog and FBing ;)

Anonymous said...

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