Friday, August 5, 2011


Dear high school boy who followed me from the bus stop, then to tap me on the shoulders to ask if I wanted to be you date to your formal,
You're cute. Sorry I turned you down because I was scared it might be illegal.

Dear Gwaks,
Thanks for pointing out the true things inside of me that I've been afraid to see.

Dear Sydney gentlemen,
When in doubt, go back to basics – a white button down shirt, plain colour wool sweater, blue or grey blazer and pants. Solid colours and classic shapes work every single time. Here's a quick colour formula: white goes with everything, so does grey and navy blue, maroon and beige is an amazing combination, as is navy and beige, dark military green is awesome with navy, beige and grey, green and red generally looks like you're trying to pull off Christmas Elf-chic (hey, I'm good with pulling off Christmas tree-chic!), and navy blue is always better than black.

Dear ASSumer,
I'm not the money I make. I'm not the people I talk to. I'm not the clothes I'm wearing. I'm not the things I lack. I'm not the house I live in. I'm not the mistakes I carry. I'm not my past and history. Don't just assume.

Dear Daniel Powter,
How did you know exactly how I feel? I really need a blue-sky holiday.

Dear friends that are overseas,
Please stop checking in, in awesome places! I get  seriously jealous!

Dear dark warrior,
Less than three.

Dear self,
Just stop it. Stop stalking lovey dovey photos of couples. Stop it. Stop! There will be a time when you can rub it on everyone's faces too.


Ji yun said...

You should've said YES! It's not illegal is you just hold hands and dance.

Ji yun said...

Also, I'm not Sydney gentlman but thanks for the colour formula. I'll refer to it when in doubt.

Unknown said...

I so should've! He was quite a handsome one.

You don't have to be a Sydney gentlemen! Those colours work for everyone! I tend to follow that classic colour formula too!

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