Friday, August 19, 2011

Heard about a boy who lost his voice because he was an internet-addict?

There was a time when I talked hours on the phone, took the dog for a walk, baked cookies from scratch, swam in my backyard swimming pool, squished ants, flicked through silky pages of Vogue, and read three novels a day. Since then, internet has taken over my life. It had invaded dinners, lectures, bedtimes, and the toilet.
I've noticed, I have a habitual urge to stay connected with the computer. After all, I want to win that bidding dress on ebay, upload the weekend’s photos on Facebook, reply to emails,  be amused by the latest Nigahiga youtube video, enter blogosphere, read personalised fashion e-newsletters, and illegally stream The Rise of the Planet of the Apes (James Franco!). How would anyone be able walk away from their Macbook Pro with beautiful pink keys ($5 from ebayThanks Jess!), with such a monstrous list of things to do? With all of them are just a click away. 
But on a serious side note, have we started talking less? Is it anti-social behaviour, or laziness?  I wont be surprised if I read an online news about a boy who lost his voice because he was an internet-addict. That makes me a little worried. I think I need to stop writing this post and return those sms. Now while I go out for dinner with my girlfriends, make sure you leave your comments below. I’ll get its notification email on my iPhone anyway.

Take this internet addiction test if you're worried too.

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