Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Monthly Recap: February '11

Today was March the first, already the third month of the new year. 2010 ended, and 2011 really started with a sort of an anti-climax.
Alone on Christmas Eve
Betrayal of a close friend
Alone on New Year's Day
Alone on Valentine's Day
Stranded in New York storm storm
Homeless for a few of days
Loss of money and valuables
Grandpa passed away
Physical change
Cried way too much tears

But I know, still, 2011 is going to be better than 2010. I will wait in patience and anticipation,
Because I'm hopeful. I learned that people with hope are better influencers and greater reformers.
Because I'm going to be a geek.  With my nerd-glasses, I will follow that high-disctinction student around. Maybe I'll pick up a thing or two.
Because I'm inspired. Creative ideas come from vast experiences.
Because I'm determined. I now have people to prove myself to.
Because I've matured. I've seen a  lot, I've felt a lot, and I think I've matured ten years.
Because I'm satisfied. In who I am, and what I'm called to do.
Because I'm a year closer to meeting my version of Mr Darcy. I started a marriage book of all my favorite quotes, poems, ideas for kids names and date night ideas. I even have a section: "To read when we get in future disagreements." Honestly? It's one of my most favourite books in the world.

And with all my rantings, self-encouragement and embarrassing confessions out there,
my March can officially begin.

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sam said...

Betrayal of a close friend? :(
I can relate but fill me in

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