Sunday, April 3, 2011

My kind of Sexy

Yesterday, my girl friend who I shall only reveal as M (ends with the letter A, and rhymes with paprika and America) enlightened me that she thought a particular man we met, was to my surprise, out of all adjectives, "sexy". Truthfully, in my eyes, he was down the opposite end of the spectrum. Now, this made me think. 'Sexy' must be different for every individual. Is there such a thing as 'universally attractive'? I had always assumed there was a universal sexy, a la Johnny Depp. But maybe it doesn't exist? So I thought to myself, what is sexy to me? And compared it with the 'universally attractive traits' noted by experts who studied people across cultures.

Experts do say, square jaw in men.
But I'm attracted to a narrow sharp jaw-line, or what I call a juvenile chin (Nay, Brad Pitt)
Experts say, facial symmetry.
But I like a little bit of asymmetry.
Experts say, indications of being bright-eyed, or wide-awake.
But I like tired-looking men. Puffy, eye bags, dark circles, sunken cheeks, the whole package. Very sexy and fatiqued.

My definition of sexy is:
Francisco Lachowski
Dan Kling
Gen Huismans
Yoochun Park 
Tired eyes
Piercing eyes (because they are tired and trying to focus)
Long, lean, limbs
Protruding adam's apple
Sharp jaw-line
Spiritual maturity
British accent

Below are my kind of sexy, long-limbed, sharp-jawed, charismatic, tired-looking men with beautiful adam's apples.
Do you believe certain traits are universally attractive?
What is your kind of sexy?


Ash said...


Anonymous said...

the unique way you view things just amazes and amuses me!!!
i love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious Naomi XD
Love your sense of humour and life!!!
Now I think I'm attracted to tired men too!!! Very Sexy!

What's wrong with Brad Pitt?????

Anonymous said...

i love what is in your head. the way you describe it.
loving your blog. keep up the good work ;)

m 'n' m said...

Haha. Your are funny Naomi. I think all men have different types of sexy, which in itself is sexy :) I like all types of sexy haha, if its appealing to me at that time! xoxox

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