Saturday, April 2, 2011

Monthly Recap: March '11

My new approach: Monthly highlights and just random things and stories that is quintessentially me so that I can laugh at myself or indulge in a little self-pity. 

Currently obsessed with: 
Macarons. If you've been following, you'd know.
Francisco Lachowski. Always have been and always will be. I am turned on by a 19-year-old, so what?
My thinning hair. I'm convinced there's no way I'm growing hair at a faster rate then I'm losing it.
Bow ties. Still on the hunt for a velvet one.
Music stuck on repeat:
Landon Pigg - Can't let go
JJ Heller - True Things
Kotaro Oshio - Twilight
Bill Evans Trio - My Foolish Heart
Colbie Caillat - Ces petite riens

Books read(ing):
Systematic Theology - Wayne Grudem

Laundry list of things memorable about the month:
Weddings, weddings, weddings, birthdays and birthdays.
Mummy and daddy's 28th wedding anniversary brunch at yum cha on a lazy Sunday.
Feeling loved by my friends. Thank you for answering my focus group questions!
Weekly tuesday catch-ups with Christina, Susan and Jess.
Facebook account hacked.
Styling for a production shoot.
Moments of insanity at 3am-4am.
Photobooth-ing on a very late Friday afternoon with Tiffany and Arielle over fits of laughter (and snorts) and just losing it, after a few sleepless nights because of a stupid infograph.

3 things I am thankful for:
Super close relationship with ma 'rents.
Rainy days.


sameum said...

Sigh... Macrons are totally not worth dying for..

cc said...

Call me haha
If you must know I have a special set of skills to convince or stop someone from doing something.

I have a friend who impulse buy, and now it is under control. =]

m 'n' m said...

Take time out, if you feel stressed. Pick a day each week and try and always keep that free. Make it "you" time, and do whatever relaxs you, then you will feel less stressed.
Remember, stress is a cause of bad health ;) xoxoxox

Ps: Make me some macaroons :P

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