Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A little bit of my bucket list

dye my hair platinum blonde
spend Thanksgiving in the states
Songkran water festival in Thailand
have my name and picture in a magazine or newspaper
be featured in someone else's blog
live in New York City
eat pizza in Italy
kiss on the Eiffel tower
bungee jump with my boyfriend/fiancee/husband
go to a Yankee's game
become friends with numerous strangers I meet on the street, in the elevator, the check-out-chick etc
speak to young women about self-worth and identity
undergo DTS in Switzerland
speak fluent French
witness an eclipse, even better a solar eclipse
write a book
be 49kg
fly and cruise first-class
visit and sleep in a castle in England
drive down route 66
touch down in all seven continents
collect russian nesting dolls and teddy bears
have a ragdoll cat and a golden retreiver as pets
watch every movie that won the Academy Awards best picture
become an early riser
sponsor someone who makes a big breakthrough in art, religion, science, or fashion
renew wedding vows every 10 years
have a library in the house
mentor someone in the fashion industry
be acquainted with Anna Wintour
open a cafe, sell only fair-trade coffee
set slaves and prostitutes free, let's abolish human slavery!
have lots of miraculous testimonies up my sleeves
audition for Project Runway 
eat escargot (french snail dish)
start a fashion trend, or 'it' item
sponsor and financially support the seven missionaries in my family
eat cheese fondue in Sweden
count down at Times Square on New Year's eve
take acting or singing classes
style a fashion editorial for a renowned publication
sit in jury of an interesting murder case
perfect a macaron recipe
capture my 'unicorn'
This may be my bucket list, but ultimately it will not bother me if I do not kick half these buckets. What will bother and truly disturb me is, if I have lived a life that did not make a difference in this world, or speak truth into people's lives, bring joy and blessing, love and serve as many people as I could, nor lived out my calling according to God's purpose.


sameum said...

i hope you keep returning to this and strike through things you've accomplished!

cc101 said...

Honestly, I should be doing this but I have to thank your tendency of "late night self-reflective moments, or in another words your famous productivculation (ok I failed this one).

My point is, without your late night post, my all nighter last minute assignment moment would have been excruciatingly awesomely dead + boring.


neenah =O) said...

YAY UNICORN!!! And I shall find my pegasus!! <3<3

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