Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monthly Recap: April '11

Currently obsessed with:
Ryan Higa. Any boy that can make me laugh like that, deserves my attention.
Macarons. Yes, the obsession continues. Tried new flavours this month; black sesame and peanut butter.
Skin already showing signs of fatigue and aging.
Trying to tick off the first and easiest thing on my bucket list, but ain't easy considering I have thinning hair.
My logo design.
Coffee + condensed milk = pure energy goodness
God. Because He was obsessed with me first.
And this couple...
Laundry list of things memorable about the month:
Weddings, weddings, birthdays, graduations, graduations, graduations, baby showers and birthdays.
And of course, the Royal Wedding.
Bowling night.
Party, dressed up in school uniforms, gifts and blessings to two yummy mummies.
The most amazing Easter weekend ever. Like, wow.
Best camp experience ever. We will never be the same.
Sleeping only 11 hours across 3 days.
Taking a 14 hour nap and waking up in the evening.
Opening of ZARA's flagship store affecting sales at work.

Music stuck on repeat:
0330 - UKiss
Peaches - New Heights
Count on me - Bruno Mars
Love  - Jaeson Ma (ft. Bruno Mars)
Good life - One Republic
None but Jesus - Hillsong United

Books read(ing):

One Day - David Nicholls
Systematic Theology - Wayne Grudem

3 things I am thankful for this month:
The Cross.
Mac Book Pro.
Open Door family.

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