Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer Holiday

It is only April, (favourite month of the year, just because I like the sound of it. April, Avril.) and I am already making a list for my four months holiday at the end of the year in anticipation! Day-dreaming about it makes the chaos and stress of life that much bearable.

Have high-tea with girlfriends
Discover as many macaron flavours as possible
Learn french
Learn the drums
Sleep in 'til noon in my underwear
Watch and catch up with back to back episodes of gossip girl, bones, and mad men
Read a new book every week
Swim in my pool
Intern at a fashion house
Start journaling again
Get back on track with The Love of my life
Day dream, night dream
Coffee under the moonlight
Enjoy the hazy lazy days for they are limited
Appreciate some days of boredom
Take part in charity and street evangelical projects
Be involved with children's summer camp
Be inspired by what summer has to offer
Be on the lookout for my "unicorn" (that unbelievable, fascinating, wonderful, breathtaking, amazing, special, someone)

1 comment:

sam said...

I got your unicorn reference :)

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