Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm not dead.

Oh, hello everyone.
Yes, I am alive. Not dead… yet. Don’t mark my word for it though. With the way this semester's been so far, I wont be surprised if I did collapse. By the way, I like white peonies (for funeral flowers?). I kid, I kid. The reason I’d been invisible from the world of blogging was lack of time. Go hide that smirk please. It is a very valid excuse! This space was a destination for my unfettered mind, it was to voice my musings and rambles. But in the past week, I was surrounded by people, who helped me do so. I was sharing it (more like, whining) it all to them in person. Apologies (and thank you) to the targets! 

On a hapless note, two different individuals I had formed unlikely friendships with over a really brief time had to go off to a new chapter of their lives. And it just had to be when I was beginning to be intensely fond of them, didn't it! One friend sends me this email a few days after 'bon voyage'. (It's the warm and fuzzy little things like this that puts my perspectives in the right place again):
"Dear N, 
You might not know how powerful you are. Because every time I talk to you, you lead me to God. 
I wish every best in your life and I love you! 
I almost cried when I was on the plane talking to you the last minute. You were the one person that encouraged me to keep going and nobody has ever made me feel that empowered, but you! God is so amazing that He lead me to you, and you lead me back to Him!"

And I think, "Your antics and humour are unrivalled. Don't ever change." was perhaps the best compliment I've had in a very long while. And consequently, I won't forget it for a very long while. (It's too bad Ryan Gosling doesn't know that about me. His loss, really!)


Mere said...

Finally got time to get on blogger and found this out! <3 lots of love xx

Mere said...

Finally got time to get on blogger and found this :) lots of love xx

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