Friday, September 16, 2011

Disney, romance and Carrie Bradshaw.

After an awfully long and awful week, and a draining friday of pattern-making, I decided I deserved a Disney marathon in bed with a tub of coffee ice-cream. Good old classics, that gives me the childlike (childish) feeling of dancing and singing and crying and dreaming. So last night, I watched Beauty and the Beast, and Tangled (for the first time! I thought I'd be a tad too old to appreciate the newer Disney movies). The marathon didn't quite finish until this morning with Aladdin, because I needed a pick-me-up before I head-butted into my assignments and textile print design briefs. And once again, I got into a whirlwind of dancing and singing and crying and dreaming.
A couple of days ago, a friend told me, "girls struggle with romance". I think this is what he was implying. I'm 22 and finding  flaws because it's not Disney enough. It's stupid, right? And I still wish Disney romance was real. But it's not. Even at 22, my idealist self is still trying to figure out how to accept that just because a guy isn't a 'prince charming' doesn't mean I'm settling for, but rather, I'm settling in. Maybe they should put a disclaimer in the beginning or end of these movies, reminding us that this is based completely on fiction. My generation and I are lost causes, and we will never recover. But maybe, future little girls can avoid this frustration. I'm reminded of the scene in the Sex and the City Movie, where Carrie cautions Charlotte's daughter Lily, "You know this is just a fairytale, right sweetheart? Things always don't happen like this in real life. I just think you should know that now".
I will conclude this post with my random thoughts on Beauty and the Beast.
1. I think Belle was adopted.
2. What's the Beast's name?
3. It's been too long since Celine Dion has had a movie soundtrack hit. TOO long.

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Unknown said...

Random thought no.4 (after watching Beauty & the Beast in 3D today)
It seems like Belle is the only one in town that reads. How does the book store owner make profit?

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