Wednesday, September 7, 2011

HP Tribute

I told myself again and again there was no need to write about Harry Potter. It has been done and said before, everything that I want to say was on blogs, in newspapers, in conversations. But the thing is, Harry Potter has had a profound influence on me and my own childhood.

When I received my first hardcover copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as a gift from my brother, I read all night under the covers and finished the next day. From then on, I went to every book release and every midnight movie. As dorky as that is, I was also the one that circulated Harry Potter fan fics around school - the one with the polyjuice potion gone wrong, and Draco makes out with Hermione. After seeing the final movie (first midnight screening, of course!), I feel pretty empty knowing that it really has come to an end. HP taught me that being smart is cool, that being brave is necessary, that morals still matter. And that awkward dorks can successfully travel through puberty and turn into a serious hunk (Matthew Lewis! aka Neville).  As cliche as it is, I feel so indebted to J.K for a childhood of reading and adventure.
I just thought, without a small tribute to her and the series, it wouldn't feel right. P.S. I had something that looked like a warm butterbeer today.

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sameum said...

The toffee nut latte here tastes and looks a lot like what i imagine butterbeer taste like!

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