Saturday, November 12, 2011

Culling and Curating

I am moving, from a 5 bedroom house to a little 2 bedroom unit. That's a huge leap of a downsize. I'm currently going through the daunting task of culling my wardrobe. (I have already 3 garbage bags full of clothes ready to go to the Salvation Army bin.)

I'm so glad society has moved on. Those with massive wardrobes with every potential shoe and shirt combination, used to belong to the fashionistas, and be the envy of others. Not anymore. With fast fashion today (thanks to ZARA and H&M), anyone can have an overflowing wardrobe, and do it cheaply too. A small wardrobe is the now the hallmark of the modern fashionista. You see, to have a small wardrobe and still look stylish, requires you to actually have a sense of style. It requires you to really understand fashion, i.e. you have to be able to pull out of your butt several looks from one button-up shirt or a pencil skirt. A real fashionable wardrobe is about high-quality foundation pieces and versatile staples that work, often together, effortlessly.

I'm at the (if I may say so, mature, because I'm turning 23 in a few days) stage where I'm ready to indulge in 'the new luxury' of a refined and curated wardrobe. And once I have it organised, it'll make me contemplate and consider every single future purchases. No more compulsive-shopping! No more being broke because I splurged on something I'll only wear once! Yay, to my new mature, curated wardrobe!
"This is the philosophy I’ve chosen to apply to my own wardrobe. I find it fulfilling to define my style through the careful discernment with which I choose each piece. 
I am able to pull from mainstream contemporary and indie designers, vintage resale shops and all of the inspiration that comes from international travel (I make it a point to buy from at least one boutique in each city when I’m traveling) and interaction with others in the art community. It’s not only honing a wardrobe, but working toward a more refined presentation of self." -

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