Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy 31st Birthday, Ryan.

By your next birthday, I'm going to move to Studio City (right in your hood!), and frequent Disneyland, and Maison 140, where your band plays. Maybe I'll get a waitressing job at your favourite Moroccan restaurant. One way or another, you'll show up, because you're Ryan-omnipresent-Gosling. I will adopt a irresistible-oh-so-impossible-to-resist puppy and take a hike. Hopefully I'll bump into you and my cute, clever puppy will do the leash tangle with your dog, George (like in 101 Dalmatians). If Eva is with you, I'll just "accidentally" push her off the mountain. I kid, I kid! I'm not a horrible person, Ryan.
Thank you for existing! Happy belated birthday.

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