Friday, November 11, 2011

Musical songs I adore.

I'm going to shout out from these internet rooftops: I love musicals and movies with singing and dancing! Last night, a bunch of us girls broke out into songs from Broadway musicals on the ride home. I voiced that I'd love to marry someone who'd do this with me - anytime things were going boring or bad, we'd bust into a song and dance and completely turn everything around. Then to my disappointment, my friends tell me 'he would be gay' (Is this true?) I must prove them wrong. If my man has trouble expressing his feelings (which is completely normal, I guess), no problemo! He can sing it! And when I have children, I'll discipline them with songs, and they'll sing me goodnight. So here is my list of musical numbers I adore. What are your favourites?

The Sound of Music, 1965
The lonely goat herd
A few of my favourite things
So long, farewell
Phantom of the Opera, 1986 (Broadway)
Think of me
All I ask of you
Angel of Music
Music of the night
Lion King, 1994
The circle of life
Can you feel the love tonight
Wicked, 2003 (Broadway) 
For good
Defying gravity
No good deed
Dancing through life
Once, 2006
Falling slowly
Anastasia, 1997 
At the beginning
Journey to the past
Once a december
Cats, 1982 (Broadway)
Sweeney Todd: Demon Barbar of Fleet Street, 2007
A little priest
By the sea
Miracle Pirelli's elixer
Enchanted, 2007
How does she know
So close
Hairspray, 1988 (Broadway)
You can't stop the beat
Welcome to the sixties
Without love

Mary Poppins, 1964
Spoonful of sugar
Practically perfect

Peter Pan, 1953
You can fly
I won't grow up
Following the leader
Never smile at a crocodile

Billy Elliot, 2005 (Broadway)
Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher

Grease, 1978
Summer nights

Avenue Q, 2003 (Broadway)
There's a fine fine line
Everyone's a little bit racist
The internet is for porn
Wizard of Oz, 1939
Over the rainbow
The Muppets, 1969
Rainbow connection
The Muppets, 2011
Life's a happy song
Cinderella, 1950
A dream is a wish your heart makes
Cinderelly, Cinderelly
So this is love
South Park: Uncut, 1999
Blame Canada
Tarzan, 1999
You'll be in my heart
Two worlds
Singin' in the rain, 1952
Singin' in the rain
Prince of Egypt, 1998
When you believe
Rock around the clock, 1956
(We're gonna) Rock around the clock
Beauty and the Beast, 1991
Beauty and the Beast (Tale as old as time)
Something there
Oklahoma!, 1943 (Broadway)
Oklahoma Ok
Emperor's New Groove, 2000
My funny friend and me
Sunset Boulevard, 1993 (Broadway) 
Sunset boulevard
Chicago, 1975 (Broadway)
Funny honey
All that jazz
Mr Cellophane
Hercules, 1997
Go the distance
The gospel truth
I won't say I'm in love
Pinocchio, 1940
When you wish upon a star
42nd Street, 1980 (Broadway)
Shuffle Off To Buffalo
Dance of the Vampires, 2002 (Broadway)
Total eclipse of the heart


sameum said...

ENCHANTED!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok.. breathe!
yes! amazing numbers in that movie!!
PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE take me to watch Wicked!!!
I'm dying to see it :(

Unknown said...

At broadway? :)

sameum said...

Spot on!

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