Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jobs that'll be cool to have

  1. Designer bed/mattress tester. Sleeping on the job and having a lie-in would be allowed.
  2. Professional house-sitter. Apparently, there are a lot of rich people in this world and they’d like their home to be safe when they’re away and they often leave their home to the responsibility of a house sitter, who ensures that when the home owners are away, they can live in their home like it is their own
  3. Screenplay or script reader. I'd be good at it. I could help actors like Robert De Niro and Brendan Fraser make better movie choices. Is there a job opening for that?
  4. Dramatic actor in infomercials. I'm a terrible actor too, so it doesn't seem like much of a stretch that I could make my way to an advertisement for a product you never knew you needed.
  5. Ice-cream taste tester Definitely a win-win situation here. I hear they give you a gold-plated spoon?
  6. The person who edits trailers. Have you ever noticed how they always pick the best parts of the movie and there is always a kicking song playing in the background? And then you go see the actual movie and surprise surprise, you’ve already seen all the parts worth seeing. Anyways, I love movie trailers.
  7. A buyer for a department store. You get to pick the clothes they sell. Complete power. 
  8. Elf at Santa's workshop. I'll work at the teddy-bear department, stuff each one with hugs and good wishes.
  9. Professional list-maker. Because I have OCL. Obsessive compulsive list-making.


marcsole said...

script reader... thats a great one ;)
i mean robert deniro in new years eve!??!?
wth was he thinking?
and yes, brendan fraser needs help too.

Unknown said...

movie trailer creator - cameron diaz played one in - The Holiday
ice cream taster would leave you fat surely
and if you want to make bears, work at build-a-bear

Unknown said...

But I DONT want to work at build-a-bear, no.
I said I want to be an elf at Santa's workshop, and my preferred department would be in the teddy-bear section.

Unknown said...

Being an ice-cream taster would not surely leave me fat because I eat that much ice-cream anyway. And the job calls for an ice-cream taster not and ice-cream eater.

Anonymous said...


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