Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Appreciation Speech

I'm nearing the end of my independant 4 month long, soul-searching, spiritually maturing, physically transforming (widening) journey. And before I touch down home, I'd like to give my thanks to numerous people and things. According to my trusty Period Tracker (iPhone app that marks my PMS), I'm supposed to be feeling sentimental these days. Hence, I'm doing this now before the moment passes!

Thank you Eum sisters's families, for your unconditional love, never-ceasing encouragements, ever-flowing blessings, impartation of faith and boldness, lots of memories and crazy fun times.

Thank you beautiful newly weds, for a VIP dinner at the wedding reception (I was over the moon about free refills, and even doggy-bagged some home), and because you two promised to be a role-model couple and family.

Thank you handsome manager of Jinny Kim Shoes, for free cute shoes, buffet lunch, movie, Starcraft games, coffee, Korean BBQ, and transport in your strawberry-scented car.

Thank you poo-poo face cousin, for putting up with my, well, how should I put it, awesomeness, and even as far as to worry about my future husband. You were like the little brother I never had. Although, if you really were my little brother, I would burp into your ear whenever I got the chance.

Thank you 120% Cool Hair Salon, for my free hair perm. To be quite frank (who's Frank?), I wasn't too fond of my new look (understatement - I almost cried), but the curls have grown on me.

Thank you In&Out, for your weekly friendly hospitality, and intense, finger-trembling, games of Jenga.

Thank you big mama, for having me stay at your house and eat from your fridge.

Thank you Manhattan, for keeping my dream alive.

Thank you Starbucks, for being a friendly, familiar face whatever country I'm in.

Thank you Build-a-Bear Workshop, for helping me create my cuddly little friend Bearemy.

Thank you East-coast snow storm. Never had I literally walked waist-deep in snow. Unforgettable experience!

Thank you Panny Pan, for your detailed New York "must-eat" list.

Thank you Nick and Rozanne Savoca, for having me in your beautiful Long Island home.

Thank you Debs, Ange and Grace, for being lovely roommates at the YWAM base. God bless you.

Thank you La Maison du Macaron, for your scrumptious macarons, with egg shell-like crust, and soft meringue-like texture that makes me melt.

Thank you TKTS, for discounted tickets to Broadway shows. You made my day. No, you really made my holiday!

Thank you iPhone, for being smarter than me.

Thank you long-lashed angel that slept next to me on the cold and lonely night we were stranded at Penn Station. Your presense made me feel safe from the perverts.

Thank you Bro, for sending me dough (rhymes!) in my most urgent and desparate of times.

Thank you Mummy and Daddy, for always sending hugs and kisses my way, and being with me in prayer. In our daily phone conversations, Daddy, you lift up my spirit with encouragments, and Mummy, you leave me with warm and fuzzy feelings.

Thank you Kanye West, for not buttin' into my thank-you speech.

Thank you God, because there is always, always, always, something to be thankful for. And because it is impossible to feel thankful and depressed at the same time.


cc said...

"Thank you Kanye West, for not buttin' into my thank-you speech."

Very witty. It amuses me every time I read this. haha!

Anonymous said...

And thank you for your existence ^^ you make all those people you thanked smile

Anonymous said...

theres an app for girls to tell u when ur moody and menstruating?!


Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

Thank you !

P.s I don't think I made Kanye West smile though...

sameum said...

I guess I need to go download that app... I'm convinced my cycles are synchronized with you.
Either that or I'm a very emotional guy...
Thank you for being such a great figure in my life!
Your strength never ceases to amaze!

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