Sunday, October 16, 2011

"A" as in...

I realised at work today, that I must have a difficult name to understand over the phone. (The new girl kept forgetting my name and called me Fiona!) You know how you do the whole "A as in..." or "A for..." thing? I usually cannot remember a single word that starts with the letter. This is the list I made for myself to use in the future.
A as in Alexander Wang.
B as in Bond. James Bond.
C as in Cya later.
D as in 3D.
E as in Expecto Patronum.
F as in Farts.
G as in Gee Wiz.
H as in H&M.
I as in Igloo.
J as in Jesus.
K as in KKK.
L as in Lonely.
M as in My name is not Fiona.
N as in Narnia.
O as in OMG. 
P as in Poo.
Q as in Queen bee.
R as in R U absolutely alright? 
S as in Saved.
T as in Terrorists.
U as in Eunice.
V as in V for Vandetta .
W as in Wingardium Leviosa.
X as in X-boyfriend.
Z as in Zara.

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sameum said...

you are too creative for your own good!

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