Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Holiday List

Watch "My so-called life". The show of my adolescence.

French classes. J'adore apprendre!

Draw attractive people in nice clothes.


Play guitar.

Ryan Gosling marathon.

Jet boat rides.

Get a second job.

Make milkshakes.

Eat out at new restaurants.

Date people. 

Jump more on beds. Or jump on more beds.

Read lots of books. Heck, I might not come out of to see the light for a whole month.

Rollerblade. If I could get my hands on a pair.

Bake up a storm, until my brother's whole apartment smells of cake the next few days!

Shuffle dance in my bedroom with music on max.

Bleach hair blonde.

Lay off energy drinks. Detox.

Doctor's check up. My health has probably deteriorated from lack of sleep and stress.

Dentist's check up. My teeth has probably deteriorated from all the diet coke, coffee, energy drinks and sugar.

Save up.

Grow up.

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