Sunday, October 30, 2011

That week

You know that week?

That hectic last week of the semester where it's like a real-life Project Runway, and you don't even have time to wear make-up or eat proper meals, and you keep you head down, eyes on the footpath when you walk, because you don't want to be recognised. 

That week, when your diet only consists of beans. That's right, beans!!! Coffee beans, cocoa beans and baked beans. And you gain 4kg by the weekend.

That week where you have zero to four hours sleep a night. Waking up to find yourself upright in bed with the lights on and your Macbook open. Falling asleep in the shower and on public commutes. Just being so physically tired and drained.

That week of doom when nothing goes to plan or the way you want. USB breaks, files are lost, computer crashes, printer jams, library is closed, internet disconnects, Macbook trackpad acting up... all this did happen.

That week when your bestie cheers you on, and even offers on cooking dinner for you. Reminding me that I have amazing friends.

That crazy last week of semester where you spend most of the time switching from panic to procrastination. And every third cycle, a holiday mode (dreaming of lazy days reading books in my underwear).

That week when you're starting a new assignment at 2am in the morning, after leaving the half-finished assignment on the back burner because you have "designer's block".

Yeah, that week.
Hallelujah, I survived that week.

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