Friday, May 28, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: Freeway Sunglasses

We've all heard that you can tell a lot about a person by their hobbies, but when it comes to me, you're better off examining the things I get excited about. Think of it as insight via ever-changing obsessions. The things I love directly reflect the state of mind. So what am I currently mooning over and what do those fixations mean? Regarding the latter, you'll just have to wonder...
Freeway Sunglasses
There's never a shortage of new brands in the ultra-competitive eyewear market (every fashion-related market is so scarily competitive), but only one label has got my attention; Freeway. They're so cool, so deeply cool and understated. I hear they are affordable too ($100s). I've been recently checking out their blog, and seeing the who's who is spotted wearing them.
O.P.I Shrek Collection
A collection based on my favourite green ogre is so up my valley. It's guaranteed to have some funky shades. Please, please, please let Fiercely Fiona be a soft yellow that is pigmented and applies well!
From left top: Rumples Wiggin, Who the Shrek are you?, Ogre the top, Funky Donkey, Fiercely Fiona, What's with the cattitude?

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