Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Seeing the World Creatively

Immerse yourself in the world around you, and pay particular attention to the surroundings. This is the life of a stylist. My aspiring job requires a good 'eye' and the ability to spot the finer details in everything. I know these are skills you can quickly develop with practise. But I have to continue to remind myself to actually see my surroundings, which with time will become a habit.
These were photographed when I went to the Surry Hills markets, held on the first weekend of every month. Surry Hills referred as "Slurry Hills" by the locals, is the booming creative precinct, and undoubtly the design hub of Sydney. People watching is also a hobby of mine.
Today, I came across an article "Artists Look Different" in Cognition Daily. An experiment using eye-tracking cameras and software to record how non-artists and trained artists look at pictures, has revealed that there is quite a difference. Why does it happen? The researchers "argue that it comes down to training: artists have learned to identify the real details of a picture, not just the ones that are immediately most salient to the perceptual system, which is naturally disposed to focusing on objects and faces."

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