Monday, March 28, 2011

Digel Spring 2011 Look Book

I discovered this German menswear line Digel, only recently, when the boy in me rejoiced because of... surprisingly, everything about it! The young, modern cut, its sleek silhouette, its tiniest attention to details, like the polka-dot handkerchief, its quirky styling, and colour co-ordination, that reminds me of macarons, which I absolutely am crazy about!

mmmmmm.... macarons....


cc said...

When I read this post, the following words came up for these images:

Photo 1) Individualistic

Photo 2) Cheeky (It's probably because of his facial expression)

Photo 3 ) Conservidualistic (Conservative + Individualistic)

Photo 4 + 5) Hmmm....

Photo 6 + 8) Pullingitoff (Ok it's not really a word but it just came up in my head haha)

Photo 7) Awesome (This is the one I like the most of all the style)

Last Photo) Yum

Unknown said...

hahaha I only agree with on the last image, definitely "Yum"!

For me photo 7 would have to be my least favourite. I love what you call conservidualistic looks! I think I may be a bit of a conservidualist! ;)

cc said...

hahaha conservidualist ay? I like :)

For photo 3, every pieces of the clothing conservidualistcally complements each other. Although, it's just the pants. haha Correct me if I'm wrong because I'm terrible with colours but it's purple right? xD

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