Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What on Earth did I wear last winter?

My wardrobe has expanded into a floor-drobe, yet I have nothing to wear. How can this be? Maybe I have a well-refined knack for buying the same items in 40 different variations? Currently studying shirt construction, last night, I counted how many white shirts I own - eleven! Who needs or buys eleven very similar button-up collared shirts in various shades of white? I also own an extensive range of black blazers (five), but there's not a lot else going on other than "it" items I bought out of impulse, wore once and hold on to in case it comes back in fashion. Making things more difficult for me and my one-trick-pony wardrobe, it's starting to get chilly in the mornings, so now I'm faced with the mystery of What on Earth did I wear last winter? I'm think I might dye a few of these in bright orange, purple, and fuchsia.
My so-called white shirt collection, lain on the bed.

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